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The anaerobic co-digestion of bagasse with digested cow manure was operated in 3 l semi-continuous reactor under mesophlic temperature at 34 ± 1°C. Short hydraulic retention time and high organic loading rate applied were 10 days and 3.465 kg volatile solids (VS)/, respectively. Anaerobic co-digestion of bagasse with digested cow manure obtained higher biogas yield (69 ml/g VS) compared with the anaerobic digestion of digested cow manure alone (20.42 ml/g.VS). Kinetic assessment revealed that the maximum specific growth rate, the maximum rate of substrate consumption, half-velocity constant, endogenous decay constant and microbial growth yield obtained were 3.917 day–1, 870.309 mg/mg, 15.09 mg/l , 8.1518 day–1 and 0.0193 mg/mg, respectively. This result indicated that a longer retention time was required to allow the bacterial growth.
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