Influence of the isolation method of the soapstockfatty component on its characteristics ev Y.I., Poyarkova T.N., Bykov A.R., Shestakov A.S., Kuznetsov V.A., Androsova O.G. (2015):  Influence of the isolation method of the soapstockfatty component on its characteristics. Res. Agr. Eng., 61: 111-115.
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From soapstock, which is a waste product of sunflower oil production, the fatty component was isolated using isopropyl alcohol, toluene, fusel oil and a mixture of common salt and nonionic surfactants. With the help of the Langmuir film balance the molecular areas of isolated fats were found and the degree of hydrophobization in comparison with the original soapstock was evaluated. It was found that the strongest compression of the monolayer is observed when using fusel oil. The surface active properties of emulsifiers, synthesized by alkaline hydrolysis method on the basis of the obtained fat extracts and original soapstock, were studied. These results are consistent with measurements on the Langmuir balance.
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