Assessment of risks in the field of safety, quality and environment in post-harvest lineŽitňák M., Kollárová K., Macák M., Prístavková M., Bošanský M. (2015): Assessment of risks in the field of safety, quality and environment in post-harvest line. Res. Agr. Eng., 61: S26-S36.
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The objective of this work is the evaluation of threats in the field of safety, fire safety, quality and environment in the post-harvest treatment of grain, with an emphasis put on pre-cleaning and drying of grain. The paper describes the technology of pre-cleaning and drying of grain. Risks for individual machines were evaluated using a failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), which is used to evaluate the threats in terms of fire risk, occupational safety, the effect of machine on the quality of final product, and effect on the environment. We have proposed measures and solutions to eliminate or minimise the consequences of threats. Risk rates are evaluated before and after measures adopted. It can be stated based on the results that risk was successfully reduced to an acceptable level after adopting measures.
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