Pneumatic conveying characteristics of seeds in a vertical ascending airstreamík M., Hůla J., Rybka A., Honzík I. (2016): Pneumatic conveying characteristics of seeds in a vertical ascending airstream. Res. Agr. Eng., 62: 56-63.
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Pneumatic conveying characteristics were measured in vertical tubes for seeds of selected varieties of cereals, wide-row crops, oil crops, legumes and catch crops. The measured values were used for graphical representation of variation curves for the chosen groups of seeds. The values of the critical air velocity for seeds (velocity of seed lift) were computed. Statistical significance of differences in the mean values of critical velocities of tested seeds was determined. The critical velocity of cereal seeds ranged from 8.03 to 10.54 m/s. Among the crops grown in wide rows the highest critical velocity of seeds was found out in maize (13.29 m/s), the lowest in sunflower seeds (8.38 m/s). In oil crop seeds, the lowest critical velocity was recorded in poppy (4.67 m/s), which was the lowest value of all seed samples of the tested crops. The highest value of the critical velocity was measured in pea seeds (14.85 m/s).
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