Ideal cycle of combustion engine with natural gas as a fuelázek I., Klúčik J., Jablonický J., Vereš P. (2016): Ideal cycle of combustion engine with natural gas as a fuel. Res. Agr. Eng., 62: S14-S20.
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The aim of the paper is to present a detailed methodology of calculations of parameters of an ideal working cycle of spark-ignition combustion engine. Natural gas in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG) was used as a fuel. A theoretical ideal cycle is currently described in simplified way. The paper introduces calculations considering excess air, residual space in the cylinder of the engine and the course of properties of gases in dependence on temperature. The thermodynamics of ideal gas mixture was used. A computer program for clear, quick and accurate calculations of this relatively complicated system of relations was designed. The presented methodology of calculations broadens the scope of the theory of combustion engines and enables a precise determination of parameters of combustion engine with natural gas as a fuel.
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