Non-linear control model for use in greenhouse climate control systems

Javadi Moghaddam J., Zarei GH., Momeni D., Faridi H. (2022): Non-linear control model for use in greenhouse climate control systems. Res. Agr. Eng., 68: 9–17. 

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In this study, a non-linear control system was designed and proposed to control the greenhouse climate conditions. This control system directly uses the information of sensors, installed inside and outside the greenhouse. To design this proposed control system, the principles of a non-linear control system and the concepts of equilibrium points and zero dynamics of system theories were used. To show the capability and applicability of the proposed control system, it was compared with an integral sliding mode controller. A greenhouse with similar climatic conditions was used to simulate the performance of the integral sliding mode controller. In this study, it was seen that the integral sliding mode control system was more accurate; however, the actuator signals sent by this control system were not smooth. It could damage and depreciate the greenhouse equipment more quickly than the proposed non-linear control system. It was also shown that the regulation of the temperature and humidity was performed very smoothly by changing the reference signals according to the weather conditions outside the greenhouse. The ability of these two control systems was graphically demonstrated for temperature and humidity responses as well as for the signals sent to the actuators.

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