Translocation of the upper soil layer in multiple operations of seedbed preparationák P., Hůla J. (2017): Translocation of the upper soil layer in multiple operations of seedbed preparation . Res. Agr. Eng., 63: S46-S52.
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Translocation of tracers incorporated into the upper layer of topsoil was evaluated in the course of seedbed preparation for winter wheat. Aluminium cubes with the edge length of 16 mm were used as tracers that were placed into the soil before its tillage into furrows perpendicular to the direction of passes. After the passes of the OPALL-AGRI combined cultivator, the tracers were searched and marked using a metal detector. The translocation of tracers was evaluated during multiple passes on flatland and on the slope. During the seedbed preparation on the slope, downslope and upslope passes in a fall line direction were chosen. Results of the tracers movement measuring that simulate the soil particle translocation indicate a pronounced movement of the upper layer of topsoil during multiple downslope passes of the combined cultivator. A significant translocation was also observed after passes on flatland. A significantly smaller lengthwise translocation of tracers was found out at upslope passes. The type of translocation on flatland and upslope was quite similar, on the other hand, downslope movement was much larger. The upslope passes were found to have a very limited function with regard to the correction of the undesirable downslope movement of soil particles that occurs in the course of tillage. 
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