Non-stationary processing centre for small and mediumsized blueberry farms. A Review K., Olt J. (2017): Non-stationary processing centre for small and mediumsized blueberry farms. A Review . Res. Agr. Eng., 63: 136-144.
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Growing blueberries on exhausted milled peat fields could be a possible solution to decrease carbon dioxide emission from these areas. To operate such crop-giving plantation manually, a lot of manpower is needed. To decrease the manpower, suitable and helpful technical solutions should be introduced. The aim of this article is to investigate different technological aspects of post-harvest processing of blueberries and to study already existing technical solutions. As a result, non-stationary processing centre for small or medium-sized blueberry farms is proposed. The proposed solution allows reducing manpower, lowering production costs and increasing the area used for growing blueberries. Also, it may encourage other farms to start growing blueberries.
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