Indicators of а fruit detacher with non-symmetric angular oscillations at removing tomato fruits S. (2018): Indicators of а fruit detacher with non-symmetric angular oscillations at removing tomato fruits. Res. Agr. Eng., 64: 70-76.
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The main qualitative and quantitative indicators of a newly developed fruit detacher with non-symmetric angular oscillations have been investigated at inertial removal of fruits of table tomato varieties from stems. The detacher removes over 95% of the fruits of examined tomato varieties ‘Tomsk’ and ‘Tobray’, without damaging them mechanically at frequency of oscillations from 10.8 to 13.3 Hz and initial elastic moment of the clutch from 0 to 2.0 Nm. The detacher achieves the productivity for plants from 1.554 to 11.650 kg·s–1 and the productivity for fruits of 0.827 to 6.921 kg·s–1 for each meter of its working width. The best qualitative indicators were observed at the productivity range from 2.460 to 4.621 kg·s–1. During operation, the device allows smooth adjustment of both number of impacts and speed of moving plants towards the exit, which distinguishes it from existing shaker drums. The developed fruit detacher can be integrated into tomato harvesters and to be tested for inertial removal of the fruits of other crops.

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