Using a fuzzy control system to optimise the parametric method for selecting the appropriate irrigation system Y., Shiri Janaghard M. (2019): Using a fuzzy control system to optimise the parametric method for selecting the appropriate irrigation system. Res. Agr. Eng., 65: 70-75.
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In this study, a fuzzy logic system was used to optimise a parametric evaluation system in surface and sprinkler irrigation systems. This study was performed on a surface area of 5,175 ha in the Fath-Ali region located in the Ardabil province of Iran. It was indicated that for the sprinkler and surface irrigation system, an area of about 385.06 ha (7.4%) and 159.81 ha (3%) of land is “highly suitable” and an area of about 286.1 ha (5.5%) and 312.69 ha (6%) is “moderately suitable”, respectively. About 2,810.08 ha (54.3%) and 2,744.17 ha (53.02%) were respectively “marginally suitable” for the sprinkler and surface irrigation systems. The “currently not suitable” suitability included about 1,322.88 ha (25.5%) and 1,746.05 ha (33.7%) and the “permanently not suitable” suitability included about 370.91 ha (7.1%) and 212.28 ha (4.1%) in the zone under study. According to the results, there is a major difference between the “highly suitable” land obtained through the two methods and the area of the “highly suitable” land using the sprinkler irrigation method is about two times the area of the “highly suitable” obtained through the surface irrigation method.

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