Temperature effect on various biooils physical parameters 

https://doi.org/10.17221/60/2015-RAECitation:Božiková M., Hlaváč P., Híreš Ľ., Hlaváčová Z., Valach M., Vozárová V., Malínek M. (2017): Temperature effect on various biooils physical parameters . Res. Agr. Eng., 63: 145-151.
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The article deals with thermal and rheological properties of two selected biooils (PL 64S – sample No. 1, and PL 04N – sample No. 2). For thermal parameters measurements, Hot wire method was used, for detection of rheological parameters rheometer Anton Paar MCR 102 was used and the density was measured by densimeter DM 40. For both biooil samples, two series of thermophysical parameters measurements were made. In the first series thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity were measured at constant laboratory temperature. The second series was focused on identification of thermophysical parameters changes during temperature stabilisation. The parameters as dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity and density were measured in the temperature range (20–50°C). For samples with constant temperature basic statistical characteristics were calculated – standard deviation and probable error in %. For relations of thermal and rheological parameters to temperature nonlinear dependencies were obtained. The polynomial functions of the second degree were used for thermal parameters and exponential functions for rheological parameters.
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