Comparison of two electric vehicles in terms of real range in different types of operations

Štekerová V., Kotek M., Hartová V. (2020): Comparison of two electric vehicles in terms of real range in different types of operations. Res. Agr. Eng., 66: 140–145.

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Electromobility is currently seen as an effective way to reduce the production of harmful emissions from the transport sector and, thus, prevent further environmental pollution and the associated global warming. The article is focused on the comparison of selected types of electric vehicles (EVs) in terms of real range in different types of operations and environments. Firstly, the driving characteristics and operating parameters of the selected EVs were tested in operation, under different conditions and in different geographical environments. The test drives took place on a pre-selected route, which was the same for all the EVs. The pre-selected operating parameters were measured and monitored for the subsequent comparison. Also, the specific conditions under which the test runs took place, such as the outside temperature, geographic terrain or traffic conditions along the route, were also monitored. Then, the obtained data were evaluated and conclusions were made.

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