Evaluation of new biodegradable fluid on the basis  of accelerated durability test, FTIR and ICP spectroscopy

https://doi.org/10.17221/6/2015-RAECitation:Tulík J., Hujo Ľ., Kosiba J., Jablonický J., Jánošová M. (2017): Evaluation of new biodegradable fluid on the basis  of accelerated durability test, FTIR and ICP spectroscopy. Res. Agr. Eng., 63: 1-9.
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The paper deals with the properties of newly developed synthetic biodegradable fluid in terms of its operational and physico-chemical properties. The evaluated fluid is a new biodegradable fluid MOL Farm UTTO Synt, which belongs to the group of universal gear-hydraulic fluids. At the beginning, the fluid was subjected to accelerated durability test under laboratory conditions, with monitoring its impact on technical conditions of the used hydraulic pump UD 25. After that, the FTIR spectroscopy analysis was performed, with monitoring thermal oxidation, oxidation by acid products, water content and additives depletion. Depletion of additives was also monitored by the ICP spectroscopy. Based on these results, it can be stated that the newly developed fluid has good operational and physico-chemical properties after the durability test and is suitable for further testing under operational conditions without a risk of damaging agricultural machines.
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