Application of eggshell wastes as valuable and utilizable products: A review H., Arabhosseini A. (2018): Application of eggshell wastes as valuable and utilizable products: A review. Res. Agr. Eng., 64: 104-114.
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Eggshell is a solid waste, with production of several tons per day. Eggshell is mostly sent to the landfill with a high management cost. It is economical to transform the eggshell waste to create new values from these waste materials. The present article is an attempt to summarize the possible applications of eggshell. The eggshell waste can be used (a) at biodiesel production as a solid base catalyst used for biodiesel pollutants minimization, reducing the production costs of biodiesel and making the process of biodiesel production fully ecological and environment-friendly; (b) as an absorbent of heavy metals from wastewater as it is a serious environmental problem in the ecosystem; (c) as biomaterial in order to replace bone tissues due to the rise in the number of patients; (d) as a fertilizer and calcium supplement in nutrition for human, animals, plants, etc. Number of research articles have been included in this review to describe a methodical growth in this subject matter.

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