Employment characteristics of tine cultivators at deeper soil loosening

https://doi.org/10.17221/72/2013-RAECitation:Šařec P., Šařec O. (2015): Employment characteristics of tine cultivators at deeper soil loosening. Res. Agr. Eng., 61: 80-86.
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The work quality of selected tine cultivators that are suitable equally for deeper soil cultivation has been evaluated. The following implements were tested in a stubble field: Köckerling Vario 570, Simba Solo 450, Horsch Terrano 5 FX, Strom Finisher Mega 8000, Farmet Turbulent 450, Kverneland CLC 430, Väderstad TopDown 400. The cultivator evaluation criteria were the following: quantity of plant residues left on the soil surface, size distribution of clods, transverse elevation profile of the soil surface, elevation profile of the furrow bottom, cultivation depth, unit fuel consumption, travel reduction ratio, work-rate, and unit draft of a cultivator. All of the cultivators were equipped mainly with tine tools, followed further on by disc tools and either by levelling or by crumbling tools. Plant residues were well worked into the soil by Väderstad and Farmet cultivators. Horsch, Kverneland and Väderstad cultivators showed good crumbling effect. The highest work speed was reached by tractors with Strom and Horsch implements.
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