Physical properties of a soil under a pig slurry application and organic matter activators

Novák V., Šařec P., Křížová K. (2021): Soil physical properties under the application of pig slurry and activators of organic matter. Res. Agr. Eng., 67: 199–207.

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To investigate the effects of organic matter activators combined with a pig slurry on a soil’s physical properties, a field experiment was carried out in a monoculture of corn (2015–2017). Three pig slurry application variants complemented with the activators in question, i.e. with PRP SOL spread directly on the soil surface (SOL), with Z’fix added to the slurry during the pig housing (ZF) and with a combination of both PRP SOL and Z’fix (ZF_SOL), were compared with just the pig slurry (C) under an equal dose of nitrogen and a uniform growing technology. According to the results, a positive effect of the penetration resistance with the pig slurry and the activators of organic matter (Z’fix and PRP SOL) was not proven. The saturated hydraulic conductivity was demonstrably better achieved with the Z’fix activator, but PRP SOL activator also provided a certain improvement. The largest change in the unit draught was observed in the ZF_SOL application (20% increase). The results seem ambiguous; however, they give a good indication of the activators’ effect in practice. Nevertheless, the findings would certainly benefit from further verification.

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