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The non-uniformity of distribution of seeds sown in a row influences their productivity. To analyse and eliminate the causes of non-uniformities, the straight motion of coulters must be separated from generation of causes, i.e. the deviation of seeds from an ideal position on the coulter trajectory. A partial acceleration method can be effectively used to recover the coulter trajectory. It is based on the study of machine parts dynamics by measuring the three-dimensional projection of acceleration and its characteristic points. Fourier methods are used for approximation or interpolation of experimental data. The trajectory of a point is obtained by double integration of a Fourier series. Noise generation in acceleration measurement can be solved by smoothing with reasonable intensity. Also double integration leads to smoothing, the variability of the number of points participates in assessing the degree of harmonic distortion of reconstructed trajectory, based on which the required smoothing limit can be set. The method may be used for monitoring the farm machines dynamics based on the partial acceleration method.  
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