Evaluation of the coefficient of uniformity and non-uniformity of irrigation for wide-range irrigators in various field conditions

https://doi.org/10.17221/8/2017-RAECitation:Jobbágy J., Krištof K. (2018): Evaluation of the coefficient of uniformity and non-uniformity of irrigation for wide-range irrigators in various field conditions. Res. Agr. Eng., 64: 55-62.
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The aim of this paper is to address an issue of work quality of irrigation machines with eight parameters that were selected and defined as input variables. The objective of the study was to determine possibilities of different evaluation methods for a wide range of irrigation machines and their versatility. All input conditions that could affect the results were recorded and analysed. The results were statistically analysed by a linear model (ANOVA). The results confirm that there are no statistically significant differences in used evaluation methods (p > 0.05) when the effect of locality was not considered. When the effect of locality was considered, statistically significant differences were observed (p < 0.05). When considering the coefficient of non-uniformity, statistically significant differences were not observed, however in case of considering different irrigation machines, statistically significant differences were observed. The obtained results indicate that the evaluation of irrigation uniformity is possible to carry out with other methods; however, the specific field conditions are not interchangeable as a parameter.


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