Influence of palm kernel variables on the yield and quality of oil expressed using an expeller

Ezeoha S.L., Akubuo C.O. (2021): Influence of palm kernel variables on the yield and quality of oil expressed using an expeller. Res. Agr. Eng., 67: 92–99.

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The objectives of this study were to establish the impact order of the oil-palm kernel processing variables, namely: kernel moisture content (KMC), kernel heating temperature (KHT), kernel heating duration (KHD), and kernel particle size (KPS) on the palm kernel oil (PKO) yield; to develop an empirical model for the PKO yield as influenced by the KMC, KHT and KHD; to investigate the effect of the KMC, KHT and KHD on the PKO quality; and to specify levels of the kernel variables for the maximum PKO yield with minimum variability. The study was undertaken using oil-palm kernels of unidentified variety from Nsukka, Nigeria. The statistical analysis of data was performed with Design-Expert 8P and Minitab 19 Software at P = 0.05.  The impact order of the studied kernel variables on the PKO yield, using an expeller (MS-100), was found to be the KPS, KMC, KHD, and KHT. For the maximum PKO yield with minimum variability in the PKO yield, a KMC of 5% (wb), a KHT of 80 °C, a KHD of 10 min, and a KPS of 11 mm and above is recommended.

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