Magnetic-pulse processing of seeds of berry crops A., Smirnov I., Khort D., Filippov R., Kutyrev A. (2018): Magnetic-pulse processing of seeds of berry crops . Res. Agr. Eng., 64: 181-186.
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The effect of a pulsed low-frequency magnetic field on the seed germination and the growth of seedlings of strawberry garden under different conditions of processing and functioning of the apparatus magnetic-pulse processing of plants (MPP) developed by us has been established experimentally. The research has shown that the value of the germination energy of seeds treated with a pulsed magnetic field varied from 29 to 47 percent, of germination from 34 to 48 percent. The highest value of their germination corresponds to an irradiation frequency of 16 Hz and an exposure time of 360 seconds with an induction value in the treatment zone of 5 mT. The maximum increment in the germination of irradiated seeds was 14 percent compared to the control sample. The positive effect of pulsed electromagnetic fields on linear dimensions of germs has been revealed. The increase in the biometric parameters of strawberry shoots affected their weight, compared to the control it increased by 33.3 percent.

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