Res. Agr. Eng., 50 (2004)

No. 4

Technology and economy of energy crops
Z. Abrham, M. Kovářová, T. Kuncová
Res. Agr. Eng., 50 (2004): 123-129abstractdownload PDF
Exergy of heat flows of the air-to-air plate heat exchanger
R. Adamovský, D. Adamovský, D. Herák
Res. Agr. Eng., 50 (2004): 130-135abstractdownload PDF
Heating briquettes from energy crops
D. Plíštil, M. Brožek, J. Malaťák, P. Heneman
Res. Agr. Eng., 50 (2004): 136-139abstractdownload PDF
Evaluation of cattle and sheep buildings with their surroundings using ‘visual quality assessment’ technique
T. Taşkin, A. Kaplan, A. Önenç, C. C Hepcan
Res. Agr. Eng., 50 (2004): 140-151abstractdownload PDF
Influence of heat treatment on mechanical properties of steel
R. Chotěborský, M. Brožek
Res. Agr. Eng., 50 (2004): 152-155abstractdownload PDF
The spring of internal combustion engine valve mechanism
J. Honců
Res. Agr. Eng., 50 (2004): 156-159abstractdownload PDF

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