Res. Agr. Eng., 53 (2007)

No. 1

Laser profilometer testing by laboratory measurements  
Šařec P., Šařec O., Prosšk V., Cížková K.:
Res. Agr. Eng., 53 (2007): 1-7abstractdownload PDF
Farmland protection by means of tyre load rating
Prikner P., Grečenko A.:
Res. Agr. Eng., 53 (2007): 8-13abstractdownload PDF
Static and kinetic friction of rapeseed
Rusinek R., Molenda M.:
Res. Agr. Eng., 53 (2007): 14-19abstractdownload PDF
Redox potential, nitrate content and pH in flooded Eutric Cambisol during nitrate reduction
Wlodarczyk T., Szarlip P., Brzezinska M., Kotowska U.:
Res. Agr. Eng., 53 (2007): 20-28abstractdownload PDF
Use of ion-selective electrodes for determination of content of potassium in Egner-Rhiem soil extracts
Ciesla J., Ryzak M., Bieganowski A., Tkaczyk P., Walczak R.T.:
Res. Agr. Eng., 53 (2007): 29-33abstractdownload PDF
Application of laser diffraction method for determination
Ryzak M., Bieganowski A., Walczak R.T.:
Res. Agr. Eng., 53 (2007): 34-38abstractdownload PDF

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