Res. Agr. Eng., 58 (2012)

No. 4

Index of volume 58
Res. Agr. Eng., 58 (2012): I-IIdownload PDF
Evaluation of reed canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea L.) grown for energy use
Strašil Z.:
Res. Agr. Eng., 58 (2012): 119-130abstractdownload PDF
Determination of the technical parameters of shaping tools for delimbing head
Mikleš M.:
Res. Agr. Eng., 58 (2012): 131-135abstractdownload PDF
Optimisation of a clam bunk skidder from the emission production point of view
Janeček A., Adamovský R.:
Res. Agr. Eng., 58 (2012): 136-141abstractdownload PDF
Ear tag mechanical properties under extreme climate conditions
Müller M., Lukešová D.:
Res. Agr. Eng., 58 (2012): 142-147abstractdownload PDF
Analysis of strength ratio of different hop strings
Heřmánek P., Rybka A., Honzík I., Vent L., Jošt B., Mašek J.:
Res. Agr. Eng., 58 (2012): 148-154abstractdownload PDF
Model for energy and deformation determination of selected oilseeds under compression loading – Short communication
Kabutey A., Herák D., Chotěborský R., Navrátilová M.:
Res. Agr. Eng., 58 (2012): 155-158abstractdownload PDF

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