Multilevel soil degradation analysis focusing on soil erosion as a basis for agrarian landscape optimizationŠarapatka B., Bednář M., Netopil P. (2018): Multilevel soil degradation analysis focusing on soil erosion as a basis for agrarian landscape optimization. Soil & Water Res., 13: 119-128.
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The article demonstrates a multilevel method of soil degradation analysis on land within South Moravia (Czech Republic (CZ)), in the Hodonín region, which is among the highest producing agricultural regions in CZ. The analysis takes a top-down approach, from a regional scale, through cadastres, to individual blocks of land. In the initial (rough) phase, selection was based on the Soil Degradation Model created for the Czech Republic, which classifies the extent of soil degradation to a cadastral level. Within the chosen region, the Čejkovice cadastre is the most burdened in terms of the combination of various degradation factors, and was therefore chosen for a further level of analysis in the form of remote sensing. The results of remote sensing and image classification identify areas with a high level of water erosion, which is the most significant degradation factor within CZ. Pedological research was then carried out in these identified areas. The results of both approaches were compared, and showed significant differences between erosional areas and depositional areas of slopes, which confirms their suitability for the given form of research and analysis. A combination of the given general (Degradation Model) and more detailed methods (erosion modelling, image classification and soil sample analysis) can find practical application in the optimization of farm production in the rural landscape.

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