Development of soil consumption driven by urbanization and pattern of built-up areas in Prague periphery since the 19th century J., Chuman T., Šefrna L. (2015): Development of soil consumption driven by urbanization and pattern of built-up areas in Prague periphery since the 19th century. Soil & Water Res., 10: 252-261.
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Soil consumption has become a very rapid and intensive process in many European countries, especially around large cities and important highways. The Prague periphery is not an exception. This paper analyses the extent and quality of consumed agricultural land and pattern of built-up areas in selected 22 cadastres in Prague periphery, by using historical maps and orthophotomaps, over four time horizons since the 19th century till 2010. The results show an extensive soil consumption. The average extent of built-up area increased from less than 1% to more than 13% per cadastre. This extensive development caused consumption of high quality soils and changed the pattern of built-up areas from more compact to less compact built-up areas. The average nearest neighbour distance between built-up patches has increased by more than 38%.
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