The use of Snyder synthetic hydrograph for simulation of overland flow in small ungauged and gauged catchments D., Kovář P., Gregar J., Jelínková A., Novotná J. (2018): The use of Snyder synthetic hydrograph for simulation of overland flow in small ungauged and gauged catchments. Soil & Water Res., 13: 185-192.
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The paper presents the results of simulated overland flow on the Třebsín experimental area, Czech Republic, using the Snyder synthetic unit hydrograph. In this research an attempt was made to discover a new approach to overland flow simulation that could give precise results like the KINFIL model for a small ungauged catchment. The provided results also include a comparison with the KINFIL model for N = 10, 20, 50 and 100 year recurrence of rainfall-runoff, with the rainfall time duration td = 10, 20, 30, and 60 min. Concerning a small gauged catchment, one of the most accurate and elegant methodologies, Matrix Inversion Model, can be used for the measurement of both the gross rainfall and the runoff. This method belongs to a matrix algebra concept. For the sake of completeness, we designated this model at the end of the present article to show how exact this forward march can be.

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