Comparison of the physical properties of soils belonging to different reference soil groups

Vopravil J., Formánek P., Khel T. (2021): Comparison of the physical properties of soils belonging to different reference soil groups. Soil & Water Res., 16: 29−38.

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Soil properties can be influenced by long-term agricultural management practices as described in pedological literature. In this study, selected physical properties (particle density and bulk density, total porosity, maximum capillary water capacity, minimum air capacity, field capacity, permanent wilting point and available water capacity) of topsoils from different reference soil groups (Cambisols, Luvisols, Fluvisols, Chernozems and Phaeozems, Leptosols, Stagnosols and Gleysols) were sampled and analysed in the years 2016–2017. The topsoil samples were taken from points of so-called S (specific) soil pits to be sampled from the General Soil Survey of Agricultural Soils (GSSAS) which was accomplished in the years 1961–1970. In addition, some of the properties were also compared with those measured during the GSSAS. Recognising the properties, only the particle density, the maximum capillary water capacity, the permanent wilting point and the available water capacity of the topsoil of the individual soil groups were statistically significantly (P < 0.05) different. A comparison of the physical properties with those analysed after more than 40 years was performed, the bulk density increased and the total porosity decreased in the topsoil of the major part of the studied soil groups.

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