Comparison of magnesium determination methods on Hungarian soils V., Centeri C., Giczi Z., Kalocsai R., Biro Z., Jakab G., Milics G., Kovacs A.J. (2020): Comparison of magnesium determination methods on Hungarian soils. Soil & Water Res., 15: 173-180.
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Magnesium is one of the most important nutrient elements. Soils are tested for magnesium in many countries with several extractants. Each country has its own validated methods, best-suited for its soils. The current study was designed to compare different magnesium content measuring methods with 80 Hungarian samples. The magnesium content was determined by the potassium chloride (1 M KCl 1:10), Mehlich 3 and CoHex (cobalt hexamine trichloride) methods. The maximum, mean and median values resulting from all the Mg determination methods showed the following order of measured magnitude: KCl < CoHex < M3.

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