Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017)

No. 1


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Original Paper
Spatial differentiation of ecosystem risks of soil pollution in floodplain areas of the Czech Republic
J. Skála, R. Vácha, J. Hofman, V. Horváthová, M. Sáňka, J. Čechmánková
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 1-9abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Evaluations of the effects of soil properties and electrical conductivity on the water content reflectometer calibration for landfill cover soils
K. Kim, J. Sim, T.-H. Kim
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 10-17abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of water features proximity on farmland prices in a landlocked country: the consequences for planning
P. Sekáč, M. Šálek, A. Wranová, P. Kumble, P. Sklenička
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 18-28abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Land suitability analysis for rice cultivation using a GIS-based fuzzy multi-criteria decision making approach: central part of Amol District, Iran
Z. Maddahi, A. Jalalian, M.M. Kheirkhah Zarkesh, N. Honarjo
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 29-38abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of row width on splash erosion and throughfall in silage maize crops
V. Brant, P. Zábranský, M. Škeříková, J. Pivec, M. Kroulík, L. Procházka
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 39-50abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Erosion Potential Method (Gavrilović method) sensitivity analysis
N. Dragičević, B. Karleuša, N. Ožanić
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 51-59abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Growth and development of pistachio seedling root at different levels of soil moisture and compaction in greenhouse conditions
D. Zarehaghi, M.R. Neyshabouri, M. Gorji, R. Hassanpour, A. Bandehagh
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 60-66abstractdownload PDF
Obituary notice
prof. Ing. Dr. Miroslav Kutílek, DrSc.
S. Matula
Soil & Water Res., 12 (2017): 67-68download PDF

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