Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008)

No. 3

Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): 81-82download PDF
Original Paper
Runoff formation in a tile-drained agricultural basin of the Harz Mountain Foreland, Northern Germany
A. Herrmann, D. Duncker
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): 83-97abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Assessing the stream water quality dynamics in connection with land use in agricultural catchments of different scales
P. Fučík, T. Kvítek, M. Lexa, P. Novák, A. Bílková
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): 98-112abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Impact of landuse on runoff in mountain catchments of different scales
L. Holko, Z. Kostka
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): 113-120abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Long-term progress in water quality after grassing and fertilization reduction in spring areas of the Šumava Mountains
P. Žlábek, V. Bystřický, P. Ondr, T. Kvítek, P. Lechner
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): 121-128abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Annual changes in the chemical composition of stream water in small catchments with different land-use (Carpathian Foothills, Poland)
J.P. Siwek, M. Żelazny, W. Chełmicki
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): 129-137abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The impact of artificial drainage on water quality in two model areas in the bohemian forest foothills
J. Vopravil, T. Khel, K. Voplakal, M. Čermáková
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): 138-154abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Long-term trends of rainfall and runoff regime in upper Otava River basin
Z. Kliment, M. Matoušková
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): 155-167abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Storm runoff in the foothill headwater area Senotín
M. Tesař, O. Syrovátka, M. Šír, Ľ. Lichner, J. Váchal, M. Krejča
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): 168-174abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication
Water storage in snow cover and runoff in experimental basins in the Jizerské hory Mountains
Š. Bercha, L. Bubeníčková, J. Jirák, P. Řičicová
Soil & Water Res., 3 (2008): 175-182abstractdownload PDF

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