Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009)

No. 2

Original Paper
Economic assessment of degraded land
J. Janků
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): 47-56abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Optimisation of soil conservation systems within integrated territorial protection
M. Dumbrovský, S. Korsuň
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): 57-65abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
An analysis of the Rendzina issue in the valid Czech soil classification system
J. Sládková
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): 66-83abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Soil-terrain modelling and erosion analysis at field scale level, a case study
T. Zádorová, L. Brodský, M. Rohošková
Soil & Water Res., 4 (2009): 84-90abstractdownload PDF

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