Soil & Water Res., 6 (2011)

No. 2

Original Paper
Urban soil contamination by potentially risk elements
I. Galušková, L. Borůvka, O. Drábek
Soil & Water Res., 6 (2011): 55-60abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of controlled sprinkler chemigation on wheat crop in a sandy soil
M.A. Sayed, M.N.A. Bedaiwy
Soil & Water Res., 6 (2011): 61-72abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Variations in selected soil physical properties with landforms and slope within an inland valley ecosystem in Ashanti region of Ghana
S.E. Obalum, J.C. Nwite, J. Oppong, C.A. Igwe, T. Wakatsuki
Soil & Water Res., 6 (2011): 73-82abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Acidification of forest soils in the Hrubý Jeseník region
D. Reininger, P. Fiala, T. Samek
Soil & Water Res., 6 (2011): 83-90abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Field evaluation of various mathematical models for furrow and border irrigation systems
H. Ebrahimian, A. Liaghat
Soil & Water Res., 6 (2011): 91-101abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Comparison of two sensors ECH2O EC-5 and SM200 for measuring soil water content
R. Kodešová, V. Kodeš, A. Mráz
Soil & Water Res., 6 (2011): 102-110abstractdownload PDF

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