Soil & Water Res., 7 (2012)

No. 4

Soil & Water Res., 7 (2012): I-Idownload PDF
Original Paper
On parameterization of heat conduction in coupled soil water and heat flow modelling
J. Votrubová, M. Dohnal, T. Vogel, M. Tesař
Soil & Water Res., 7 (2012): 125-137abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Soil toposequence under man-planted vegetation in the Krkonoše Mts., Czech Republic
V. Penížek, T. Zádorová
Soil & Water Res., 7 (2012): 138-150abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Elevated soil copper content in a Bohemian vineyard as a result of fungicide application
C. Ash, O. Vacek, O. Jakšík, V. Tejnecký, O. Drábek
Soil & Water Res., 7 (2012): 151-158abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Affectability of splash erosion by polyacrylamide application and rainfall intensity
M. Boroghani, F. Hayavi, H. Noor
Soil & Water Res., 7 (2012): 159-165abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
A comparison between natural forests and reforested lands in terms of runoff generation potential and hydrologic response (case study: Kasilian Watershed)
E.H. Gholzom, V. Gholami
Soil & Water Res., 7 (2012): 166-173abstractdownload PDF

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