Soil & Water Res., 9 (2014)

No. 1

Original Paper
Application of k-Nearest code to the improvement of class pedotransfer functions and countrywide Field Capacity and Wilting Point maps
M. Miháliková, S. Matula, F. Doležal
Soil & Water Res., 9 (2014): 1-8abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Spectral characterization of selected humic substances
V. Enev, L. Pospíšilová, M. Klučáková, T. Liptaj, L. Doskočil
Soil & Water Res., 9 (2014): 9-17abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Contamination of the soil and water environment by heavy metals in the former mining area of Rudňany (Slovakia)
L. Angelovičová, D. Fazekašová
Soil & Water Res., 9 (2014): 18-24abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Regional analysis using the Geomorphologic Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph (GIUH) method
M.R. Khaleghi, J. Ghodusi, H. Ahmadi
Soil & Water Res., 9 (2014): 25-30abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of zeolite and vermicompost applications on potassium release from calcareous soils
M. Najafi-Ghiri
Soil & Water Res., 9 (2014): 31-37abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Assessing sediment enrichment ratio in Mai-Negus catchment, northern Ethiopia
G.B. Tesfahunegn, P.G.L. Vlek
Soil & Water Res., 9 (2014): 38-45abstractdownload PDF

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