Surgical treatment of a thoracic oesophageal duplication cyst causing recurrent dysphagia in an adult dog A., Del Magno S., Pietra M., Cola V., Joechler M., Morini M., Pisoni L. (2018): Surgical treatment of a thoracic oesophageal duplication cyst causing recurrent dysphagia in an adult dog. Veterinarni Medicina, 63: 175-180.
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A 7-year-old intact male Rottweiler dog was evaluated for recurrent dysphagia and regurgitation. Physical examination was unremarkable and routine blood works were within normal limits. Computed tomography revealed a defined lesion in the caudal mediastinum arising from the oesophagus. The lesion was excised using intercostal thoracotomy and the histological diagnosis was oesophageal duplication cyst. The dog recovered uneventfully and at a 3-year follow-up no clinical signs were reported. Although extremely rare, oesophageal duplication cysts should be considered in the differential diagnosis in cases of chronic regurgitation and dysphagia associated with evidence of an oesophageal lesion.

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