Long-term evaluation of autologous lamellar corneal grafts for the treatment of deep corneal ulcer in four dogs: a case report

https://doi.org/10.17221/139/2017-VETMEDCitation:Kim S., Kim J., Jeong S. (2019): Long-term evaluation of autologous lamellar corneal grafts for the treatment of deep corneal ulcer in four dogs: a case report. Veterinarni Medicina, 64: 84-91.
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Autologous lamellar corneal grafts were performed on four dogs with two deep corneal ulcers and two corneal perforations to achieve better visual and aesthetic outcomes. The donor corneal graft was harvested from the relatively normal corneal region of the affected eye and used to cover the corneal defect. At the two-year follow-up examination, ultrasound biomicroscopy was performed to confirm the thickness and endothelial continuity of the transplanted grafts and donor site of the cornea. The evaluations revealed that the dogs had healed without incident and that their vision had been maintained. Furthermore, the owners were satisfied with the aesthetic outcomes in all cases. Our findings show that autologous lamellar corneal grafts are useful and effective in treating canine corneal ulcers and perforations.

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