Partial uterine prolapse and ovarian cysts in two Djungarian hamsters

Colakoglu HE, Yazlik MO, Esen A, Tunc AS (2021): Partial uterine prolapse and ovarian cysts in two Djungarian hamsters. Vet Med-Czech 66, 40–44.

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A 2-year-old multiparous (Case 1) and a 2.5-year-old nulliparous (Case 2) Djungarian hamster each presented with a history of a prolapsed mass from the vulva. A partial uterine prolapse was diagnosed in both cases, according to the clinical and diagnostic examinations. The prolapsed mass was replaced in each hamster, and an ovariohysterectomy was performed. The histopathological examination of the removed tissues revealed a cyst and papillary hyperplasia in the ovary. This first case report, to our knowledge, demonstrates the possibility of a uterine prolapse with a cyst and papillary hyperplasia in the ovary and how to surgically manage this condition. The report could also contribute to having a better understanding of the occurrence of a uterine prolapse without parturition in hamsters.

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