The effect of a bone marrow-derived immunostimulatory preparation on the immunity of broiler chickens vaccinated against salmonellosis N., Kopeikin Y., Litvinova Z. (2019): The effect of a bone marrow-derived immunostimulatory preparation on the immunity of broiler chickens vaccinated against salmonellosis. Veterinarni Medicina, 64: 317-322.
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The use of bone marrow-derived immunostimulants is a promising direction in poultry production. The objective of this research was to study the effect of introducing a bone marrow cell protein formulation on the immunity of chickens vaccinated against salmonellosis. According to the principle of analogues, a control and two experimental groups of chickens were formed with 20 heads each (in total 60 individuals). To Group 1 birds, a protein preparation from bovine bone marrow cells was administered with feed by irrigation with 10% suspension in physiological saline at a rate of 0.2 ml per head once per day from the first day of life for three days. In Group 2, the drug was administered once, on day 1, at a rate of 0.2 ml per head. Control chickens were injected with saline in the same volumes. All chickens were vaccinated against salmonellosis. Blood for analysis of cellular, biochemical and humoral indicators was taken on days 7 and 14 of bird life. The use of the bone marrow cell-derived protein preparation resulted in higher values in the blood of chickens of Groups 1 and 2, respectively, by day 14 of age in comparison with controls as follows: erythrocytes (15.51% and 22.28%) and leukocytes (3.93% and 3.70%), T- and B- lymphocytes (67.5% and 69.16%; 23.24% and 23.75%), neutrophil phagocytic activity (10.14% and 25.36%) and phagocytic index (17.25% and 18.74%), bactericidal (13.32% and 20.25%) and lysozyme activity (23.88% and 24.41%), total protein (13.23% and 14.21%), immunoglobulins (19.59% and 20.76%), specific antibody titre (47.50% and 51.25%). Our study confirms the suitability of using bone marrow-derived protein preparations in poultry production. In practical terms, our study has particular importance for the development and implementation of preparations based on proteins of bone marrow cells.

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