Evaluation of the glutathione concentration in whole blood of dairy Holstein cows


Necasova A, Pechova A, Bodor R, Masar M (2021): Evaluation of the glutathione concentration in whole blood of dairy Holstein cows. Vet Med-Czech 66, 179–188.

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The objective of this study was to evaluate the concentrations of the total (T-GSH), oxidised (GSSG) and reduced (GSH) glutathione in the blood of dairy cows, assess the relationships of the phase and number of lactation, milk production, body condition score (BCS) and selected biochemical parameters on its concentrations. We analysed 79 samples of whole blood from dairy Holstein cows. The concentration of glutathione was assessed by the spectrophotometric enzymatic method. The whole dataset shows the mean concentration of T-GSH, GSSG and GSH of 803 ± 22 µmol/l, 23 ± 2.5 µmol/l and 757 ± 27 µmol/l, respectively. The GSH/GSSG ratio was 95 ± 17. The phase of the lactation had a significant impact on the levels of T-GSH and GSH, but the number of lactation and BCS had no effect. Dry cows had higher levels of T-GSH (938 ± 44 µmol/l) than the fresh (713 ± 46 µmol/l) and peak lactation (785 ± 45 µmol/l) cows. The fresh cows had significantly lower concentrations of GSH (618 ± 44 µmol/l) than the peak lactation (719 ± 46 µmol/l) and dry cows (827 ± 43 µmol/l). On the basis of a regression analysis, blood glutathione was affected mainly by the liver function and energy metabolism. Glutathione as the marker of oxidation stress seems to be a promising tool in monitoring the health and welfare of the herd, yet intensive research in this field remains necessary.

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