Leech therapy in the treatment of a penile haematoma in a stallion

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Treatment of penile haematomas includes conventional therapy and/or surgical intervention which may not always result in the recovery of all penile functions. For valuable breeding stallions, a safe and effective treatment is necessary and medical leech therapy meets these criteria. Additionally, the proven efficiency and safety of the use of leeches in the resolution of haematomas makes this method applicable to other fields of veterinary medicine. A 14-year-old stallion was presented and assigned to the university hospital with a swollen and prolapsed penis. The owner reported that the stallion was likely kicked in the penis while mating. There were no deviations in the physiological indicators during the general examination. A drainage was inserted and a compression bandage was applied. After an initial slight subsidence of the oedema, the healing process slowed down. Hence, the experimental leech treatment was applied. The hirudotherapy was performed twice, five days apart. The hirudotherapy proved to be safe and effective, and with the addition of hydrotherapy, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics, resulted in the full recovery of the horse within 45 days. The erectile functions of the penis were restored and the stallion successfully continued its breeding career.

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