New perspectives in a microstructure study of the bovine and bubaline claw

Assis BM, Borges LPB, Pereira KF, de Oliveira Lima CR, da Silva LAF, Teixeira PPM, Rabelo RE (2022): New perspectives in a microstructure study of the bovine and bubaline claw. Vet Med-Czech 67, 395–407.

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The techniques of microtomography (Micro-CT), confocal laser scanner microscopy (CLSM), atomic force microscopy (AFM), nanoindentation – Vickers hardness (Nano-VH) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) are undeniably important to the modern study of bovine podiatry. These techniques are also employed in engineering, physics and in the assessment of biomaterials used in reconstructive or experimental surgeries in bovine and bubaline claws. Although studies involving these analyses are still inconspicuous in veterinary medicine, these technologies represent a new paradigm in this area, enabling the development of new lines of research. The objective of this review is to gather information about the microstructural aspects of bovine and bubaline claws, concerning the intratubular and extratubular keratin, which is responsible for the physical and mechanical structure of the claw capsule. This study elucidates different methods used to evaluate the hooves of healthy and sick animals through a micrometric analysis and nano-scale analyses. We would like to emphasise that the described techniques can be applied to study other species.

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