Metastatic mast cell tumour in African hedgehog: A case report

Kandefer-Gola M, Ciaputa R, Sulima K, Miszczak M, Lachowska S, Nowak M (2020): Metastatic mast cell tumour in African hedgehog: A case report. Vet Med-Czech 65, 371–376.

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Neoplastic lesions are common in African hedgehogs (Atelerix albiventris). To our knowledge, so far mast cell tumour metastases have only been described in local lymph nodes. An African hedgehog was referred to the veterinary clinic. A nodule was located on the right part of the mandible. Based on the clinical trial, an abscess was suspected. Surgery was performed, but a histopathological examination was not undertaken. After few months, tumour recurrence was detected and, additionally, a second tumour was found on the metatarsal skin. Due to the deteriorating clinical condition of the patient, euthanasia was decided, and a post-mortem examination was performed. During the post-mortem examination, a spleen tumour was detected, and, furthermore, mesenteric lymph nodes, liver and lung sections were also collected. The histopathological examination confirmed mast cell tumour metastasis to the spleen and lymph nodes, additionally single mast cells were found in the liver. Interestingly, the histological picture of the tumour does not show high malignancy. To our knowledge, this is the first description of a mast cell tumour with metastases to the spleen and lymph in the African hedgehog.

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