Use of micro-grafts in a chronic infected open wound after limb amputation in a cat

Pennasilico L, Di Bella C, Botto R, Murgia E, Riccio V, Piccionello AP (2021): Use of micro-grafts in a chronic infected open wound after limb amputation in a cat. Vet Med-Czech 66, 448–455.

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In human medicine, skin grafting is an innovative surgical technique widely used in reconstructive surgery to repair skin loss. This case evaluated the effectiveness of a treatment with dermal micro-grafting obtained through the Rigenera® technology in a chronic open wound resulting from a suture dehiscence of a limb amputation in a cat. Significant differences were observed between the aesthetic aspects of the injury using traditional treatments (cleaning and curettage) and the regenerative technology. The results showed that the healing periods were significantly reduced after the Rigenera® treatment and that, moreover, a perfect skin status and a complete reduction in the wound area (100%) were achieved in one month. Given these results, Rigenera® has proven to be a simple yet highly effective method in the treatment of inactivated chronic wounds.

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