Shape memory compression anastomosis clips in gastrointestinal surgery in dogs P., Lekston Z. (2016): Shape memory compression anastomosis clips in gastrointestinal surgery in dogs. Veterinarni Medicina, 61: 524-527.
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This paper describes clinical experiences with the use of shape memory nickel-titanium (NiTi) clips in gastrointestinal surgery in dogs. Side-to-side small bowel anastomosis was performed in eight dogs where intestinal continuity had to be restored after bowel resection. Billroth’s operation I was performed in one case. Compression anastomosis clips with two-way shape memory were used in all surgical procedures. Intestinal and gastrointestinal anastomoses involving shape memory clips were effective in all patients. Anastomotic leaks were not observed, and all clips were expelled 5–7 days after surgery. The outcomes of surgical procedures performed on canine patients with the use of shape memory NiTi clips indicate that sutureless compression anastomosis is a safe, effective and simple method of restoring gastrointestinal continuity, which can be widely applied in veterinary practice.
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