Cadmium concentration in cattle tissues in the Czech Republic

Drapal J, Steinhauser L, Stastny K, Faldyna M (2021): Cadmium concentration in cattle tissues in the Czech Republic. Vet Med-Czech 66, 369–375.

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The aim of this paper was to evaluate the cadmium concentrations in the muscles, liver, and kidney of three age categories (≤ 8 months; ≤ 2 years; ≥ 2 years) of cattle during the period of years 2014–2019 and to determine the age limit at which the concentration of cadmium in an organ with the highest accumulation increases health risk for consumers. In cattle above two years of age, there was a higher average cadmium concentration in the liver (0.10 mg/kg) and kidney (0.62 mg/kg), when compared with cadmium concentration in the liver (0.06 mg/kg) and kidney (0.24 mg/kg) of cattle under two years of age. A paired correlation coefficient r = 0.825 8 (P < 0.006) and Spearman’s coefficient ρ = 0.92 (P < 0.000 1) were calculated for the dependence of the cadmium concentration on the age. The correlation analysis statistically demonstrated a significant positive correlation between the concentration of cadmium in the kidney and the age of the cattle. A non-significant difference between the maximum limit and the average concentration of the cadmium in the kidney of the cattle from the age of 6 years (P = 0.029) was demonstrated using the t-test. The cadmium concentration in the muscles was low and was not significantly affected by the cattle’s age.

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