Effectiveness of gastroduodenostomy created with the use of shape memory compression anastomosis clips: observations in a porcine model

https://doi.org/10.17221/22/2017-VETMEDCitation:Holak P., Jalynski M., Babinska I. (2018): Effectiveness of gastroduodenostomy created with the use of shape memory compression anastomosis clips: observations in a porcine model. Veterinarni Medicina, 63: 12-17.
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This article evaluates the effectiveness of gastroduodenostomies created with the use of shape memory compression anastomosis clips (CAC) and compares the surgical outcomes with those of hand-sewn anastomoses. We performed Billroth’s operation I in eight pigs: shape memory compression clips were used in six animals and hand-sewn anastomoses were created in two animals. Postoperative complications such as leakage or obstructed passage of digesta were not observed in any of the patients. Pathomorphological examinations and histopathological analyses confirmed that all anastomoses were tight and that gastroduodenal continuity was fully restored. In comparison with hand-sewn anastomoses, compression clips shortened the time of the surgical procedure and proved to be a safe, effective and low-cost technique for performing Billroth’s operation I in animals. The experience and knowledge acquired during the experiment will be used to maximise the effectiveness of gastroduodenostomy in canine and feline patients.
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