Lungworm infections in dogs from Central Europe V., Hurnikova Z., Miterpakova M., Dirbakova K., Bendova A., Kocak P. (2018): Lungworm infections in dogs from Central Europe. Veterinarni Medicina, 63: 367-372.
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Angiostrongylus vasorum and Crenosoma vulpis are parasites in the respiratory tract of domestic and wild carnivores. Recently, an increasing number of lungworm infections in dogs has been recognized in Europe. In this report, the results of the first copro-epidemiological study of A. vasorum and C. vulpis in dogs from Slovakia are presented. The Baermann technique and the modified flotation method with zinc sulphate solution (specific gravity 1.2) was used for lungworm detection. In addition, conventional PCR was performed for species confirmation. The majority of lungworm infections were found in the eastern part of the country. A relatively high prevalence (4.13%) of A. vasorum was detected in different parts of Slovakia. Infection was detected most frequently incidentally in asymptomatic dogs. Within this study, crenosomosis was detected for the first time in dogs from Slovakia. Since one infected dog had no travel history, the case is considered autochthonous. An autochthonous case report of angiostrongylosis in a Hanoverian hound puppy from central Slovakia is also described.

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