Pneumatosis coli in a dog – a serial radiographic study: a case report T.S., Yoon Y.M., Noh S.A., Jung D.I., Yeon S.C., Lee H.C. (2016): Pneumatosis coli in a dog – a serial radiographic study: a case report. Veterinarni Medicina, 61: 404-408.
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A 12-year-old intact female poodle was presented with a history of an acute episode of tenesmus and passage of ribbon-shaped stools. Anaemia, leucocytosis, hypoalbuminaemia, hyperglycaemia, and elevated ALP were found. Faecal floatation and wet mount preparation were negative for parasites. Anaerobic faecal culture resulted in a heavy growth of Clostridium. Survey abdominal radiographs revealed extensive intramural emphysema of colon and rectum. Ultrasonography of the abdomen revealed bright echoes within the layers of the colon wall, confirming the accumulation of intramural gas. Abdominal computed tomography revealed extraluminal gas tracking along the colon and the rectum. Based on the radiographic, ultrasonographic, and computed tomographic findings, the present case was diagnosed as pneumatosis coli with an underlying cause of bacterial overgrowth. The patient was treated with antibiotics for seventeen days. Clinical signs were resolved after three days of treatment. Decreased intramural gas accumulation was evident during radiography of the abdomen performed at fourteen days after the initial evaluation. Therefore, pneumatosis coli should be considered when a dog is presented with clinical signs of colitis.

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