Percutaneous endoscopic limited-lumbosacral-dorsal laminectomy in eight dogs – A cadaveric study

Yang SB, Moon HS, Hwang YH, Lee HC, Lee D, Lee JH (2021): Percutaneous endoscopic limited-lumbosacral-dorsal laminectomy in eight dogs – A cadaveric study. Vet Med-Czech 66, 279–286.

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This study aimed to investigate the technical feasibility of a percutaneous endoscopic limited-dorsal laminectomy (PELDL) and to evaluate if the decompression and examination of the lumbosacral vertebral canals could be achieved using an endoscope in small dogs. A total of eight fresh canine cadavers were used for the study. Following the injection of a barium and agarose mixture (BA-gel), which simulates intervertebral disc herniation, a PELDL was performed over L7–S1 in these animals. Computed tomography (CT) scans were obtained pre- and postoperatively to evaluate the surgical outcomes. All the procedures were completed with a clear visualisation of the spinal cord and removal of the BA-gel. The mean surgery time for the PELDL was 30.00 ± 12.01 minutes. In two dogs, iatrogenic nerve root injuries were caused by the surgical instruments during the operation. The CT scans showed that the amount of BA-gel removed was sufficient for a spinal-cord decompression. A PELDL could be used for the BA-gel removal to decompress the spinal cord and provide a clear view of the spinal canal. Therefore, it could be used as an alternative surgical option to treat lumbosacral disc disease in dogs.

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