Canine pyometra associated with Bacillus species: a case report M.K., Yoon H.Y., Lee M.H., Kim J.H. (2018): Canine pyometra associated with Bacillus species: a case report. Veterinarni Medicina, 63: 143-149.
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An 11-year-old, female Maltese was presented for evaluation of a mammary gland tumour. An abdominal sonographic examination showed an echogenic, fluid-filled, dilated uterus; pyometra was also diagnosed. Ovariohysterectomy and unilateral mastectomy was performed and the dog recovered uneventfully. However, 11 h later, the dog’s condition suddenly deteriorated and it died on the day after the surgery. Bacillus circulans and Bacillus megaterium were isolated from its uterine content; these species had not been reported previously in canine pyometra. The two species were resistant to various antibiotics, including cefazolin used during the treatment. We describe for the first time the presentation, diagnosis, bacterial isolation and fatal outcome of B. circulans and B. megaterium infection in a Maltese dog with pyometra.

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